Machu picchu tours

Machu picchu tours

Inca trail to Machu Picchu

The Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

“Few relatively short hikes in the world can offer such variety of scenery, so many staggering views, such a mix of jungle and high sierra. Certainly no other walk known to man will lead you along an ancient highway from one secluded ruin to another, each in a breathtaking setting, each almost perfectly preserved, offering shelter, solitude and views that no pen or camera can ever adequately record. And of course, no other hike in the world ends with a climactic descent into Machu Picchu “Classic Inca trail

This is a high-quality trip that provides maximum quality, comfort, and privacy through careful timing that avoids the crowds. Available on a completely private basis, or in groups of maximum 12 people.Inca Trail Express.

Visit Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, then take the short and exciting day hike along the best part of the Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu. A great alternative for those short on time or fitness.Machu Picchu Lodge to Lodge Discovery.

NEW: Recommended as one of best 25 tours worldwide by National Geographic. Join this stunning non-tent alternative to the normal Inca trail, taking the hardly-trafficked but highly attractive Salcantay trail that also ends at Machu Picchu, passing by a series of exclusive and very comfortable lodges en route.

Classic Adventure Start in Lima and Cusco, with an optional side trip to the Nazca lines, with time to visit museums and archaeological sites before embarking on a raft trip down the Urubamba River and the breathtaking 4 days Inca Trail trek through the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary.

When to go The Inca Trail can be hiked any time in the year except February, when the park is closed. May to October are the driest and best months, Dec-April being rainy. June – August is the high season. Important – making reservations

The national park now limits the Inca Trail at any time to a maximum 500 people, including clients and   staff. The good news is fewer people than before, but the bad news is that bookings usually need to be made well in advance.

Furthermore, bookings are only guaranteed by the governmental institution after receiving  full names, nationalities and passport numbers of passengers, and full payment of entrance fees.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

The archaeological jewel of South America, Machu Picchu has always offered magnetism, mysticism and unique architecture, harmoniously integrated with its natural surroundings. And now, getting to the “lost city of the Incas” is a whole lot easier – and staying there is a lot more comfortable – than ever before! Machu Picchu is a complete Inca fortress city, set on a saddle of a high mountain with terraced slopes falling away. Its altitude is at 2,350m above sea level and the position stunning. The Urubamba River can be seen down in the valley winding in hairpin bends below.

You reach Machu Picchu by a 42 km rail trip from Ollantaytambo, or by a 112km by rail from Cuzco, or by walking the historic Inca Trail. Bring insect repellent and suntan lotion. Climate is more humid and hotter than Cuzco.

When you leave the train at the station, you are brought up a windy 8km long road by a bus. You can explore the ruins yourself or with a guide.

Macchu Pichu means “Old Peak”, and the higher Huayna Picchu (“Young Peak”), stands vigil over it. Machu Picchu´s remains are in a comparatively good state of preservation because the Spaniards never found it. It was buried in the jungle for centuries, until Hiram Bingham discovered it in 1911. Even after Bingham’s discovery, the city remained inaccessible until the 1940s, when an archaeological expedition working at the site discovered the Inca Trail cutting through the valley.

Theories about what happened to the inhabitants range from epidemics to their occupants being isolated at the time of the fall of the Inca Empire. Excavations only added to the mystery to what happened to the city. They found 173 skeletons, of which 150 were women. At the tomb of the high priest skeletons of a women and a dog were found. The women suffered from syphilis.

Macchu Pichu was home to priests, high functionaries, craftsmen and servants and, most importantly, the mamacunas, or virgins chosen to dedicate their lives to the sun god.

Nowadays find altars, temples, terraces and staircases. The Temple of the Three Windows allows sunlight to pass through its windows to the Sacred Plaza. At the astronomical observatory there is the Intiwatana, the curiously-shaped stone block believed to have been a solar clock or, “the hitching post to the sun”, where the sun rays cast shadows used for the planning of seasonal activities and religious ceremonies. What amazes architects today is the precision with which building stones were cut and assembled.

A steep and perilous path rises from the site to the top of Huayna Picchu. From the Temple of the Moon, which is at the skirt of the mountain, and from the summit you have an extraordinary view of the ruins and the Urubamba Valley.

 Upgraded transportation

Operated by Orient Express, the train service to Machu Picchu has been upgraded with renovated cars and stations, as well as improved schedules and on-board service. The scenic three- and-a-half-hour ride from Cusco continues to be the favorite way to go, while the shorter one-and-a-quarter-hour ride from Ollantaytambo is now available five times a day, for groups of ten or more. If you want a faster trip, try the half-hour helicopter ride between Cusco and Machu Picchu, flying through the Sacred Valley. The twenty-minute bus service to the site from Aguas Calientes town, where the train and helicopter arrive, is now provided with better vehicles and more frequency. And if you wish to follow in the footsteps of the incas, (and are overnighting in Machu Picchu) get off the train on kilometer marker 104 and take a full day hike (7 miles), along the inca Trail. Admire the magnificent view, look for some of the area’s 120 bird species and 450 kinds of orchids, enjoy a picnic lunch at the Winaywayna inca site and, in the afternoon, arrive at the Sun Gate – Intipunku – Overlooking the Fabled citadel.

Improved accommodation

Although visiting Machu Picchu for the day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, overnighting there is highly recommended. You may return to the site in the early morning when it is covered in clouds, which then evaporate as the sun rises and the magical city gradually appears before your eyes, you can climb the Huayna Picchu mountain for excercise and a bird’s eye view of the complex, or you may simply wish to have more time to explore the site at your leisure. The nightlife in the neighboring Aguas Calientes town is not bad either. Stay at the refurbished Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge run by Orient Express and the only hotel conveniently located next to the site. The Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel sits on a hill by the Urubamba river and has individual bungalows distributed around lush gardens. Here you can see lots of tropical orchids and spot a variety of birds, including, with a little luck, the Peruvian cloud-forest’s own Cock-of-the-Rock. Other recently renovated properties in Aguas Calientes town are the Hatuchay Towers and the Machu Picchu inn.



Joining Machu Picchu tours

Machu Picchu tours

Joining a Machu Picchu tours was the best thing that I did when I visited the destination. Since there were so many things to see and very little research was made by me, it was nice to see everything while the historical truths was all being explained to me. The truth is that seeing such a historical place is nice, but it is even better when you have lots of knowledge on what it is that you are seeing. It helps you to understand each part of the destination.


Machu Picchu tours

Why join a Machu Picchu tours?

Joining a tours could be the perfect way to see learn all about Machu Picchu. tours guides will definitely be with you throughout your entire trip, so you will find a Machu Picchu tours to be a great investment for you. Many people enjoy these tourss because they also get to know some history on each thing that they see. They took me behind certain places, so it was nice to see all kinds of wonderful hidden parts of the destination. For example, at one of the historical ruins, there were always hidden things that other people wouldn’t be able to see on their own.


What comes with a Machu Picchu tours?

The Machu Picchu tours guide is definitely the main thing that you will get. If you decide just to get a toursguide, then that should be fine. However, if you would like to see other places aside from Machu Picchu, you will find many tourss allowing you to see other parts of Peru. For example, you may get to see Machu Picchu on the first day, and then another destination the next. So, it is definitely nice how you can see so many different places in one trip.


Is a Machu Picchu tours expensive to join?

These Machu Picchu tours are usually not that expensive to join. There are times when you will receive more than just a toursguide, but also the chance to see other places. It also depends on what you consider to be expensive. If you are on a budget, then going all on your own without a tours shouldn’t be a bad idea. Of course, the education behind each tours is going to make it all worth the money. If possible, try looking for a Machu Picchu tours that doesn’t offer too many services.


Huayna Picchu

Huayna Picchu is the main part of the area that you really need to visit. If you go alone, you may miss some great places to take some nice pictures. When you go on a tours, you will be shown exactly how to get there and what views are worth taking pictures of. It truly is a great experience, but it gets even better when you can go to other places in Peru. These complete trips are very cheap when you think about it because you get to see all the places in one trip. Come and visit Machu Picchu and every other destination in Peru. The views are great, the mountains are stunning, and the history behind all the ruins is fascinating.

Peru Tour Operator – Faces of Peru 5-8

Peru Tour Operator – Faces of Peru 5-8 Tube. Duration : 1.83 Mins.

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Hiking the Inca Trail – Day 3 in the Cloudforest

Hiking the Inca Trail – Day 3 in the Cloudforest Video Clips. Duration : 1.70 Mins.

Peru travel – The Inca Trail takes you through remarkable landscape and ecosystems, including cloudforest on the final leg of the trek. In route to Machu Picchu, this trail leads through many other beautiful and enchanting Inca ruins. Our guide, Vidal, shares his insight along the way.


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South American Adventure Travels …Peru Part IV

South American Adventure Travels …Peru Part IV Tube. Duration : 15.00 Mins.

This is the second day at Machu Picchu and a two mile hike to the Gate of the Sun on the Inca Trail…….then back to Cusco


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Peru Adventure Tour with ACTIVE South America

Peru Adventure Tour with ACTIVE South America Video Clips. Duration : 2.33 Mins.

ACTIVE SOUTH AMERICA’s signature trip, the Jaguar, is a 14-day adventure in Peru. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, see wildlife in the Amazon jungle, kayak on Lake Titicaca, hike and cycle through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and explore the ancient city of Cuzco.


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2- INCAN WALL= SECRETS… Tube. Duration : 15.08 Mins.

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The flight of the condor in two minutes

The flight of the condor in two minutes Video Clips. Duration : 2.43 Mins. Complete video with the condor flight in Colca Canyon. Peru Trek & Tours Adventures its arranging trips to Peru specially in the southern andes Arequipa city tour and the Santa Catalina monastery (1d/1n), Colca Canyon and watch the condor flight (2d/1n); Puno and the Sillustani chullpas (1d/1n), The Uros floating islands, Amantani and Taquila island (2d/1n); Cusco and the city tour, Sacsayhuaman fortress, Sacrad Valley, South valley(5d/5n), Inca trail traditional (4d/3n) or the alternative (5d/4n Salkantay) Machupicchu and Lima 3d/2n. 20d/19n adventure tour! Info: Miguel Flores (más)

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ALBORADA 100 AÑOS MACCHU PICCHU 2011 HD.. Video Clips. Duration : 9.35 Mins.



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